The idea for this Lodge began at the 2009 Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership when the Peyton Randolph Lodge of Research No. 1774 exemplified a Colonial American Entered Apprentice Degree. While observing the excellent degree work by members of that Research Lodge, Brother Shelby L. Chandler realized that the ritual was based upon English Freemasonry.

Being a member of Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, he was aware that his Masonic Lodge not only had a long Scottish heritage, but it also had a rich history by which much could be recovered. While reviewing that history, he realized the probability that colonial ritual work in America could be different according to the Grand Lodge to which a colonial Lodge was beholden to in that period.

Brother Chandler discussed this realization with Worshipful Jene G. Parrotte and Worshipful Jeffrey D. St. Onge and eventually other Virginia Masons joined in with the discussions, so it was decided to identify this new Lodge with a historic Virginia Mason to give it focus. Illustrious Brother George Washington was overwhelmingly agreed upon and that this Lodge would pursue all research Masonic with specific focus upon the three aspects of Freemasonry which greatly influenced the Lodge’s namesake; Scottish Masonry, Colonial Masonry, and Military Masonry.

The petition for signatures to create this new Lodge was first circulated during the 2011 National Convention of the National Sojourners in Richmond, Virginia, while Brother Shelby Chandler was serving as Worshipful Master of Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, to support the Grand Lodge of Virginia with the George Washington Masonic Bible of 1752.

The George Washington Lodge of Research No. 1732 was issued a dispensation by Most Worshipful William Talbott Ellison, Jr. on August 4, 2012. It was chartered on November 7, 2012 during the Grand Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

Most Worshipful William Talbott Ellison, Jr. appointed as first officers:

Shelby L. Chandler, II, PM – Worshipful Master

Jene G. Parrotte, PM – Senior Warden

Jeffrey D. St. Onge, PM – Junior Warden